03 JUN 2014

Superbrands elects its Council

The global organization that annually votes the excellent brands nominates Univisual being part of its Council.

13 MAY 2014

A brand new Award

Univisual honoured in the NC Awards "Brand Identity" category, the Italian prize dedicated to the most innovative holistic communication.

09 MAY 2014

Univisual among global trends

Within the best brand trends of 2013, the Univisual project for an innovative Italian design start-up stands out.


Univisual’s methodology is based on a business model which transforms the traditional
product-oriented business strategy into
a strategy focused
on the affirmation
of a brand.

19 FEB 2014

Branding B2B

Gaetano Grizzanti, Univisual Ceo, conducts a conference about the use of Corporate Identity as a commercial asset on the Lake Garda.

19 FEB 2014

Branding B2C

How should a brand be today? Gaetano Grizzanti, Univisual Ceo, explores the subject during a conference on the Lake Garda.

06 FEB 2014

Three Awards at Grand Prix Brand Identity

Univisual awarded at the most renowned Italian  Prize exclusively dedicated to Brand Identity.


- Behaviour
- Revolution
- Application
- Normalization
- Development.

Univisual approach to branding explained by the definition of the success factors of a brand.

07 JAN 2014

Three secrets for 2014

Univisual proposes three key words to undermine the risks of the crisis opening the doors to new opportunities.

19 DEC 2013

Univisual for Charity

Univisual supports SOS Giovani, the Italian Onlus which helps young people providing hospitality and helping them to build a happy future.

29 OCT 2013

Forum on the Culture of Enterprise for the Sole24Ore

Univisual speaks on “Enterprise identity as a Business lever”


Training with Univisual, the first company in Italy to offer highly specialized professional courses on branding.

29 OCT 2013

The modern business brand

The brand as strategic asset in a conference on Lake Garda.

21 OCT 2013

The brand of culture

Univisual participates in a round table discussion during “Digital-Meet” in Venice.

27 SEP 2013

Corporate Communication

Univisual CEO Gaetano Grizzanti speaks at "Communication Week" in Milan.


Nominal, textual and oral identity: the words that can transform a trademark into an entity with personality.

26 JUL 2013

Vanixa is online

Vanixa is a startup italian brand – supported by Univisual – that operates worldwide in the field of interior design.

03 JUN 2013

Start-up Branding

CEO Gaetano Grizzanti talks to "L’Impresa", the management magazine of  “Il Sole 24Ore.”

06 MAY 2013

Company identity is a business tool

Univisual explains the concept of Business Identity in the “Il Sole 24Ore” magazine.


The unique combination of Univisual’s primary business-orientation, its vocation for innovation and its International vision with an Italian flair, has been recognized over the years with an impressive array of prestigious industry awards.

15 APR 2013

Grandi Navi Veloci becomes GNV

The Mediterranean’s leading ferry-boat fleet evolves its own identity thanks to Univisual.

21 MAR 2013

Conference on modern branding

To affirm a brand it is vital to differentiate itself from the competition.

20 MAR 2013

Branding B2B

Univisual conducts a Global Marketing workshop on the role of branding in business-to-business markets.


CEO and founder of Univisual, he has contributed to the affirmation of a modern brand identity culture, thank to a revolutionary approach to the discipline.

01 FEB 2013

Univisual partners with Banca C.R. Asti

The Group grows, after having acquired Biver Banca from Monte dei Paschi for €209 million.

25 JAN 2013

"Corriere Innovazione" is born

Univisual supports the "Corriere della Sera" for its new publishing project.

26 NOV 2012

Talking about branding at "Corriere Economia"

Our CEO Gaetano Grizzanti speaks at the "Osservatorio Consulenza Aziendale".

06 OCT 2012

The brand in an era of sharing

A Univisual workshop on the company’s approach to branding in the internet era.

15 JUN 2012

Univisual awarded by the ADCI 2012

The Golden Award for a project developed for the Minister of Cultural Goods.

12 JUN 2012

Mediastars: first prize to Univisual

Univisual awarded in the category of Corporate Identity as the best of 2012.

04 JUN 2012

Design for branding

Univisual CEO Gaetano Grizzanti speaks in Rome at the Forum della Comunicazione.

04 JUN 2012

Univisual press conference to present the first Italian magazine on brand identity.

23 MAR 2012

The technical audit of a trademark

A Univisual workshop on the elements which make a perfect brand-mark.

14 MAR 2012

From trade-mark to brand

Univisual speaks on the evolution of branding strategy at Global Marketing 2012.

15 DEC 2011

Retail naming for shoewear

Univisual created Amuvia, the new name for the "Natural Look" store chain.

14 DEC 2011

Two awards at Grand Prix Brand Identity

Univiual wins in the categories of “Corporate Identity” and “System Identity”.

04 OCT 2011

The first book on Brand Identity

Univisual introduces “Brand Identikit,” written by Univisual CEO Gaetano Grizzanti.

04 OCT 2011

Italian typography

Univisual develops the celebratory event identity for R. Bertieri, organized by the Ministry for Beni Culturali.

16 SEP 2011

Univisual’s 15 years

Univisual celebrates its birthday with an exposition of its projects at the Hoepli book store in Milano.

30 MAY 2011

Univisual prizewinner at Mediastar

First prize in the "Corporate Identity" category.

29 MAR 2011

Superbrands 2011

Univisual exhibits its new brand identity projects on the occasion of the “Superbrands Tribute Event”.

13 FEB 2011

Brand Identity Academy

The second ediction of the seminar dedicated to marketing managers has been a success.

10 JAN 2011

The Icon Side of Brand

A calendar with twelve selected Iconbrands, created by Univisual over its 15 years of activity.

03 JAN 2011

Univisual Anniversary

Univisual is pleased to announce that in 2011 it will complete its 15th year of life and its 25th year of history.

27 DEC 2010

Univisual for SOS Giovani ONLUS

“Opere Tipografiche”: published on behalf of the non-profit SOS Giovani.

30 NOV 2010

Branding speaks Italian

Mediaforum marketing and communication magazine dedicates its cover to Univisual.

11 NOV 2010

Univisual signs an interactive pride

Domino, leading interactive web agency, evolves its identity.

26 OCT 2010

Univisual wins the Brand Identity Grand Prix 2010

First prize in the “Logo Design” category.

13 SEP 2010

The basics of branding

Univisual conducts a workshop during “Communications Week” in Milano.

13 JUL 2010

Banca Popolare di Milano launches Pro Family

Univisual develops the identity for a consumer finance brand.

27 MAY 2010

MediaKey Award: Univisual wins with Pampers

First prize for “Packaging”.

19 APR 2010

CoolBrands Tribute Event

Univisual comments on the characteristics of trendy brands.

08 MAR 2010

Univisual makes Pampers’ heart beat faster

With the development of a new Product Identity for the Baby-Dry line.

23 OCT 2009

Univisual for Bayer

Brand Identity for the filoterapica line from the world’s leading pharmaceutical company.

12 OCT 2009

The Italian Design Association for Visual Communications

Our CEO Gaetano Grizzanti elected national counselor.

14 JUN 2009

Agorà d’Oro prize for Univisual

Awarded for a project on behalf of Vision Ottica, Italy’s leading Optician Group.

27 MAY 2009

Univisual winner at Mediastars

First prize in the “Type Design” category for Aethra.

17 FEB 2009

Innovative Day

Univisual presents at the special event on new technologies organized by the Chamber of Commerce of MB.

23 JAN 2009


Our CEO Gaetano Grizzanti presents a prize to Radio Italia as Italy’s most trendy brand.

11 OCT 2008

Branding Italia 2008

Univisual – executive conference sponsor – spoke on: “Corporate branding as business asset.”

01 OCT 2008

Univisual is Superbrand 2008-2009

Superbrand awards the performance of B2B brands for awareness and leadership.

09 JUL 2008

R.O.I.: Return On Identity

Univisual conducts Italy’s first seminar dedicated to brand identity.

09 JUN 2008

Agorà prize for Univisual

First prize in all categories for the corporate branding of Aethra.

26 MAY 2008

Univisual's webiste is the best of the year

The telecommunication magazine Key4Biz awards Univisual website in the B2B category.

20 MAY 2008

Mediastars award

First prize in the “Retail Identity” and “Special Star” categories for Art Direction, Art Design and the Brand-Song.

19 MAY 2008

Marketing Forum

Univisual participates with its specialized workshop on the Brand.

12 MAY 2008

Univisual for VisionOttica

Italy’s leading optician group presents its new identity at the MiDo opticians Fair.

25 OCT 2007

World Business Forum

Univisual participated with two conferences on brand identity and competitiveness.

08 MAY 2007

An identity system for UniCredit Banca

Univisual develops the retail identity communications system for the bank.

06 FEB 2007

Univisual multi-awards at Mediastars

First prize in the “Literature Design” and “Visual Identity” categories.

08 JAN 2007

Univisual for Corriere della Sera

A new retail identity – for RCS-Piccoli Annunci – inaugurated in Milano on via Solferino.

30 OCT 2006

Grand Prix Brand Identity

Univisual wins first prize for the third year in a row in “Corporate Identity.”

16 OCT 2006

Univisual for Spontex

Univisual signs the product identity for rubber gloves, a classic consumer market product.

01 JUN 2006

Global Marketing

Univisual participates at the Summit of Marketing and Communications with two conferences on the brand.

06 MAR 2006

Mediastars: seven prizes for Univisual

In the “Corporate” and “Visual Identity” categories.

31 DEC 2005

From signage to trademark

Univisual conducts a conference at the Popai congress, the Association for Retail Marketing.

29 AUG 2005

Univisual for the leader in pet comfort

Corporate Identity for Ferplast, from trade to consumer brand.

12 JUN 2005

Agorà Gold

Univisual wins the Overall First Prize and first place in the “Coordinated Image” category.

30 MAY 2005

Brand identity in the retail world

Univisual guest conference presenter at the Popai association event.

17 MAR 2005

Branding to Global Marketing

Univisual conducts two conferences on the practical applications of brand identity.

30 OCT 2004

Grand Prix Brand Identity

Univisual wins first prize for “Corporate Identity.”

10 JUN 2004

Agorà award for Univisual

Univisual receives first prize for in Retail Identity for Salmoiraghi & Viganò.

30 APR 2004

SOS Giovani

Identity development for the Association that helps youth in difficulty for the future.

20 MAR 2004

Facility communication Management

Univisual conducts a conference at “Global Service” company forum.

03 OCT 2003

Gold Compass

Univisual recognized at the prestigious Italian design award event.

30 JUN 2003

Univisual goes to school

A number of Univisual projects are cited in DeAgostini’s new scholastic textbook.

27 JAN 2003

Univisual for the RAS insurance Group

National visual identity project for the RAS agencies.

15 JUL 2002

Univisual for VistaSì

Italy’s leading eyewear retailer, Samoiraghi & Viganò, launches a new chain of discount eyewear stores.

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